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Access Switch

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Now, Ntegrated and Cisco have joined forces to help you have more powerful, reliable access switches for your server and network.

Switches are an essential part of your network that receives and sends personal and private information across your server. To ensure your network is properly conveying and protecting your messages, you need to make sure you have the best quality switches installed.

What are Switches?

Switches are a telecommunication device that connects various network segments or devices to each other. They receive a message from a segment or device, and then have the power to deliver it only to the device it was meant for. This makes it superior than hubs, which convey and relay information to everything on its server. Now, Ntegrated is proud to provide you with switches from our very own distribution partner, Cisco.


Ntegrated, with Cisco’s Catalyst access and LAN switches, can help you create a simpler wireless solution to your server or network needs. There are several benefits to these switches, including, but not limited to:

- Easy to Operate. Your business is always changing, and you need to make sure your switches can accommodate those changes. An access switch lets your network easily adapt and support new applications.
- Secure, Always. You control your network, whether it be wired or wireless. An access switch uses the latest technology to ensure you and your network’s security.
- Superior User Experience. An access switch gives you the best experience you could ask for over your network. You will see enhanced application performance, which can help your business generate as much revenue as possible.
- Sustainability. These switches support today’s greener attitudes and practices. They are power efficient and use an innovative technology to manage the energy they consume.

Types of Switches

Ntegrated offers various Cisco’s access switches for your convenience, including:

- 2900 Series
- 2940 Series
- 2950 Series
- 2970 Series
- 3550 Series
- 3550 Series: PoE
- 3750 Series
- 3750 Series: PoE
- 4500 Series
- 5000 Series
- 6500 Series

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