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Channel Partners

Finding businesses to benefit Ntegrated Solutions.

As technology is rapidly changing and some businesses struggle to keep up, Ntegrated’s channel partners are knowledgeable in the newest technology. With their assistance, your business can easily be streamlined using Ntegrated’s networking communications solutions. Simply voice your concerns and the proper solution will be identified from our large variety of answers for your networking communications needs.

Ntegrated’s channel partners recognize the value of the products and services offered. With remarkable customer service and state of the art technology, our channel partners can easily fit clients with the best product for their individual scenario. The first class customer service, extensive product offering, and simplicity that Ntegrated brings to your business makes Ntegrated Solutions desirable to channel partners and their clients alike.



Customer Service

Ntegrated understands the importance of customer service, especially with technology. Each of the products and services offered by Ntegrated are joined by constant customer service support. Whether it is 24 hour network monitoring and security or quick assistance in web hosting, our technical support team is available. If your network crashes or a hacker has infiltrated your system, Ntegrated quickly solves the emergent situation leaving your IT department free to focus on their innovative projects. At Ntegrated, we realize networking communications solutions can be overwhelming; therefore, we are here to help every step of the way.

Extensive Product Offering

Ntegrated Solutions offers businesses many different products and services to simplify networking communications.

- Extensive data and internet solutions to unify your network and internet security.

- Voice services including IP phones, web hosting and conferencing, traditional voice/PRI, communications manager, along with many others which streamline your communications needs.

- Secure data locations to protect and store your valuable data. The data centers also provide virtualized services and cloud applications.

- Equipment from the best companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Polycom to improve your business conferencing solutions.

The wide array of products and services offered by Ntegrated Solutions is a rarity, creating a full service company for the networking communications your business requires.

Solutions for Simplicity

The solutions and services created by Ntegrated greatly reduce the amount of time, money, and energy spent on networking communications. Ntegrated combines all the networking needs into an individualized package for your business. The simplicity created by Ntegrated is valuable to any growing business.

These irreplaceable benefits found in Ntegrated Solutions make selling the product enjoyable for channel partners. We work closely with channel partners to explain each intricate part of our solutions and they, in turn, find clients in need of our services.