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Cloud Applications

Access Your Cloud Anywhere

Cloud Applications guarantees that your business’s tools are easily accessible and maintained to help your business succeed in every way possible.

Businesses are growing by the minute these days, and you need apps that can ensure that you and your business can keep up with all these changes. Ntegrated Cloud Applications offer you a quick and flexible solution so you can access all the information you need from anywhere in the office, with a simple click of a button.

What Are Cloud Applications?

A cloud is a virtual network with defined users who have access to it. It is a tool to store data and software in a way that is easily accessible by all users in the cloud.

Cloud applications are specific apps that are available on the cloud, versus being available straight on your desktop. These apps can be easily accessed through a web browser and aren’t installed on a hard drive. This helps the user access it quickly, from any computer they may be signed on too.

Why Should I Use Cloud Applications?

Cloud applications can be accessed through a web browser, as opposed to something installed on your desktop. There are several advantages to using them including, but not limited to:

- Convenience. By utilizing cloud apps, you eliminate the headache of having to install applications individually onto a computer, and your applications start running faster, which is always better.
- Easy Maintenance. Cloud applications also require less maintenance and are easier to manage, since you can quickly change or adjust them to meet the needs of your business.
- Accessible from Anywhere. Your apps can be accessed from any computer, so you can easily get your work done even if you are away from your work desktop or are even at home.

At Ntegrated, we can provide you with quick, reliable, integrated internet and communication solutions for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our Cloud Applications.

Cloud Desktop: Cloud Desktop is the most cost efficient solution to computers.

When people think of a desktop computer, they often think of a bulky machine with a large monitor connected to it and wires everywhere. It’s about time to change the common perception of a desktop. With the cloud desktop, everything you do on your computer is stored in the cloud, leaving no need for bulky equipment. The cloud allows you to access your computer from any device with internet access. The amount of money spent on computer equipment becomes completely eliminated with the use of the cloud. Not only does this mean no machine taking up space on your desk, it also means no wires running across your desk or office space, no need for electrical outlets, and no need for big monitors.


Cloud desktops provide an almost endless amount of benefits and makes using a normal desktop sound crazy. Some of these benefits include:

- Saving money. Not only do you save money on all of the equipment, the cloud also allows you to eliminate all of the power necessary to run the equipment, saving on your electric bill. There is also no need for equipment costly repairs.
- Work from anywhere. The work space flexibility provided by the cloud allows users to access their desktop on any device with internet access. The cloud allows you to run any operating system on any device.
- Software. Software, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe, is on the cloud. This saves you even more money, as there is no need to purchase the licensing necessary to use the software on all of your different work stations. Have all of your necessary software available for any device, at any time.

With the desktop cloud, repair and operation costs are unnecessary and nonexistent. With all of the money you can save, all of the hassles you can avoid, and all of the flexibility you can gain, choosing a cloud is an easy choice. Contact us today to get your very own desktop cloud.

Personalize Your Cloud: Custom cloud applications are personalized apps that are specific to your business and its needs.

You’ve purchased a cloud, and determined that you and your business need certain applications in it, but now what? Ntegrated can help you create the perfect, custom cloud app that is tailored to what your business needs. We have various solutions for your needs, but we can guarantee superior server performance at an affordable price.

Why Ntegrated Custom Cloud Applications?

In a world where things can change instantaneously, you need cloud applications that run on a network that is fast and reliable. Ntegrated already offers state of the art internet solutions, and builds exceptional cloud apps that run off the same powerful servers. This ensures they are running on high-speed, have quick deployment cycles, and all your information is monitored and secure. We can also help you build cloud applications that are tailored to how you want the app to function, whether that is public or private.

What is Public or Private Cloud Applications?

We can tailor our custom cloud apps to your business’s needs, which may include a public cloud, a private cloud, or even both.

- Public Cloud. This cloud solution is a web app that is available to the general public, but has a great price advantage that you may be looking for. When you need applications that can be immediately accessed and used, and have a very general purpose, this may be the solution you’re looking for.
- Private Cloud. A private cloud mimics your personal office server, with applications and information that would be available solely to you and your business. It offers you a private environment where you and your employees can share information and resources. This is ideal for personalized apps that serve a purpose specific to your business.

At Ntegrated, we want to help you create the perfect cloud solution that you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more about our custom cloud applications.