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Data Center

A Safe Colocation for Your Storage Needs

Ntegrated’s data center, with three locations, can offer you an affordable data colocation space that is safe and secure. 

Every transaction and conversation that occurs at your business is probably logged somewhere on your computers or server, especially if you’re an online or telecommunication company. We keep so much data stored on our hard drive, we forget that it’s still just technology, and there is a chance it could fail. Ntegrated has convenient data center space locations in Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix. These colocation solutions can accommodate all of your data storage needs, at an affordable price.


-Access Switch

-Virtualized VPN

-Data Center Space

-Cloud Applications

-Virtualized Servers

-Virtualized Network Security

-Virtualized Network Monitoring

What is a Data Center?

A data center is a colocation space that houses computer systems, servers, networks, and all other technical equipment that come along with them. Companies use data centers for various reasons, such as backing up all important information stored on a server, and housing large servers for telecommunication companies.

What Type of Storage is Available?

Ntegrated has various data center solutions because no one company is alike. We offer four different storage sizes:

- 1U Server Hosting. A U is 1.75 inches of cabinet space, while most cabinets are 42U, or 73.5 inches of space. Smaller servers only need 2U of space, so you don’t want to pay for more space than you need. In our data center space, you only have to pay for the space (or U) you use, creating a cost-effective solution for you.
- Third Cabinet. A third cabinet comes in 14 U, or 24.5 inches of space.
- Half Cabinet. A half cabinet comes in 21 U, or 36.75 inches of space.
- Full Cabinet. A full cabinet comes in 42 U, or 73.5 inches of space.

Why Ntegrated Data Center?

Our data colocation centers are safe, secure, and well-maintained facilities where you know your data and servers are safe. All our data centers are powered by robust servers, have back-up generators, strict environmental controls, and guarded by security 24/7. As a customer, you also have 24/7/365 access to the location. With Ntegrated data centers, you can rest assured your servers, networks, and data are secure, safe and protected.

Ntegrated guarantees you and your business a superior data colocation storage space at a low, affordable price. Contact us today for more information on our data center spaces.