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Disaster Recovery Hosting

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Things happen. Disasters occur. You have got a Plan A, and maybe even a Plan B, but what about a Plan C, D, or E? Here at Ntegrated, we have everything you need for disaster recovery plans for your business. The information relayed across your network is vital and it is important this information is kept secure, no matter what may happen to the network. Ntegrated’s IT infrastructure is prepared for disaster recovery, and we have various back up plans in place. Our network and connections are sure to allow your business to continue through everything, because we understand the importance.



Operate Without Interruptions. As a business, you want to minimize the downtime as much as possible, but if you are not properly connected to the internet, that can be tough. With our high speed internet connections, you can rely on us to not let you down. We have a high performing and secure network, which you can always count on. Our various internet services have built-in settings to ensure there is a backup connection or network available in case of a network failure. We also have the ability to reroute calls to alternate numbers or locations, again in case of a network failure. We have a Plan B, C, D, and E, so you don’t have to worry about your disaster recovery plans.

Keep Your Data Safe and Secure, Always. Ntegrated has a variety of options for disaster recovery when it comes to the data and information for your business. We offer several different co-location services and an assortment of options for data recovery and storage. If anything disastrous really were to happen, natural or not, you want to make sure your data and information are kept safe, secure, and accessible if necessary. Our off-site facilities have an abundance of space, storage, power, and capability for back-up servers to keep all your business’s records protected. Our secure networks are also heavily monitored, so you are also protected from viruses or hackers. We are here with all the back up plans necessary in place, so let us worry about the disaster recovery plans.

Disaster recovery plans can be stressful, but here at Ntegrated, we will take care of it for you. We have various back up plans in place for various businesses, so call us today and ask us which disaster recovery plan is perfect for you!