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Hosted Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Hosted by Ntegrated

We host Cisco Unified Communications manager, so you don’t have to hassle with owning and managing your own converged IP communications network!

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Managing your own company’s converged IP communications network can be a complete hassle. Ntegrated hosts Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which allows users to connect and communicate data, voice, video, and mobility applications. By using our hosting service, your medium or large sized company will potentially see increases in sales and profitability as an outcome. The goal of this service is to help companies market their services better.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Deployment Options

Our hosted Cisco Unified Communications Manager has the option of three different flexible deployment options:

- Multi-tenant Integrated Models. This type of model lets service providers support “multiple tenants” and host all the equipment in their data center, virtually dividing the different tenants.
- Dedicated Integrated Models. These models are “dedicated” to one sole customer, and the service provider has the option to share or not share the other communication applications as per the customer’s wishes. This model is highly secure, so it is more commonly used within financial institutions with classified information.
- Systems Integrated Models. This model is most ideal for extremely large businesses that would like to own the equipment, but would rather have a provider maintain and install it. Cisco has a specialized team who works with customers who chose this model, and they go on site to carefully install all the equipment in a safe and efficient manner.


All Cisco Unified Communications features are tried and tested. It guarantees effective and secure personal communications which positively affects your company’s business in the end. Along with the above solution goals and the high-quality voice, data, and web conferences or meetings, Cisco Unified Communications Manager also comes business-ready with the following features:

- Extensive IP technology features
- Unified messaging
- Calendar integration
- Attendant console
- Integration with the solution center
- Dial plan testing and validation
- Reliability
- High availability

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