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Hosted IP-PBX

Ntegrated Simplifying Your Business

Ntegrated unifies your communications technology improving the flexibility of your business with Hosted IP-PBX Bundles.

Your business is never sitting still and as your business grows, you can’t always take the time to meet with employees or clients in person. One device can bring everyone together, so businesses can continue as usual. This device is our Hosted IP-PBX Bundle.

With Hosted IP-PBX, distance is no longer a factor. Everyone can be on the same page and work together more efficiently. With today’s fast paced and constantly changing technology, adding an IP-PBX bundle to your communication infrastructure is the ultimate way to thrive in the demanding business environment. The system is mostly run by software, reducing the cost of your voice communications. The system enhances mobility, productivity, and convenience of your business and allows the flexibility of virtual meetings. The software can be added onto your existing communications system so those costs do not go to waste. The bundle unites your voice and data networks into one fully managed network.  The Hosted IP-PBX Bundle delivers product enhancing applications, streamline operating expenses, and outstanding network management.


Using an advanced hosted IP-PBX offers a multitude of features to help your business run more quickly and efficiently. A traditional IP-PBX is kept on a CPU at the user’s expense. So all repairs, malfunctions, and any other issues are only the issue of the user. This causes excess expenses and extreme hassle, which is completely eliminated when using a hosted IP-PBX. The technology experts at Ntegrated Solutions watch over your IP-PBX and make sure everything is running smoothly. If something ever goes wrong, we will be available to immediately diagnose and fix any issues with the system. Our staff is experienced in working with IP-PBX and is prepared for anything that might occur. Other benefits of using our hosted IP-PBX include:

- Find Me Follow Me allows for users to designate multiple forward-to numbers for a single virtual phone number. This means that if a customer calls a designated phone number, you can have the call forwarded to multiple phones. So your cell phone, home phone, and work phone can all ring at the same time when someone calls a single number.
- Unified Messaging allows for users to receive their voice mails via a web portal. You can receive your voice mails as an email, WAV file, or by their handset or remote access code.

Ntegrated Solutions experts can simplify and upgrade your communications system and help your business expand. Contact us today to get the Ntegrated Hosted IP-PBX Bundle.