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Hosted LYNC Voice

When you look to buy a new phone system for your business or replace your outdated business phone system, Centralized IP Communications can in fact be the most cost-effective way to get the functionality of high end PBX system. Ntegrated offers a wide variety of PBX packages. Ntegrated takes the time to get to know your company and to learn the features that you use. We determine what will make your business more productive and recommend features that are cutting edge. With the use of Ntegrated’s Centralized IP PBX system you get the robustness of a class 4 switch, with the features you would find in a Fortune 100 company.

How It Works

The difference in a traditional PBX system and the Centralized IP Communications system is that the bulk of the call handling is done at Ntegrated’s data centers, not a telephone closet in your office. Calls are sent from the data center to their destination using VoIP technology. VoIP converts the audio to data packets and back, allowing the call to be delivered over Ntegrated’s private Internet infrastructure instead of a dedicated telephone line.

Benefits of hosted PBX services

- Employees can access the full features of the phone system from any location: satellite offices and home offices appear to be connected as if they were in the main office

- Ntegrated’s Centralized IP Communications eliminates support costs

- Costs for interoffice calls decrease dramatically

- Ease of management; moves, adds and changes become a thing of the past, one simple email and users are created or moved.

- Outstanding reliability, because our soft switches are clustered we are able to spread the load across multiple data centers. In the event of an outage, calls will automatically reroute to alternate centers.

- Lower total cost of ownership, when purchasing equipment all you need is the phone set, no need to purchase expensive PBX systems and maintenance contracts.

Ntegrated’s resolutions to IP Communications drawbacks

Internet connection – Ntegrated has developed a state of the art IP infrastructure with VoIP in mind. Our all Cisco platform routes voice traffic with the highest reliability. We never route your calls over the public internet, all of our voice traffic is on-net, meaning it rides our connectivity 100% of the time.

  1. Bandwidth – Ntegrated’s certified engineers will perform an analysis of your network to assess the correct bandwidth needed to perform the number of calls customers require.
  2. Robust Call Features – Ntegrated takes a custom approach to call features; we work with the customers to develop any application the customer can think of. We host 90% of the applications on our servers. In advanced cases onsite servers are required to support the applications, Ntegrated provides the servers onsite and maintains the application for the customer just the same as if the application were hosted in the data center.

Features with Ntegrated’s IP Communications packages

- Call waiting

- Call forwarding

- Call transfers

- Caller ID

- Redial

- Activity reporting

- Three-way calling

- Hunt groups

- Voice mail

- Extension dialing

- Call accept/reject

- Follow-me ringing

- Music/messages on hold

- Auto-attendants

- Simultaneous ringing

- Real time reporting

- Outlook integration

- Unified messaging

- Conference calling