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Internet Access

We can provide you and your business internet access you can trust over a fast, reliable, and secure network customized for your needs.

Ntegrated knows how challenging a day at work can be– internet issues are the last thing you or your employees should be dealing with. With our internet access solutions, your business can customize the perfect integrated business solution unique to you. We offer various options that depend on your internet traffic and data usage, and our network is monitored 24/7/365 so you know your confidential information is secure. Whether or not your day at work goes smoothly, we can at least guarantee you high-speed internet access that you and your business can rely on.


We know every business is different, so we want to work with you to determine the speed and type of internet access you need for an affordable solution.

- Guaranteed Exceptional Performance
- Various bandwidths starting at 1.5 Mbps to high speeds for heavy data demands
- Ethernet or T1 Access
- Ability to add other Ntegrated communication solutions to your internet access package


Your business needs internet access that is dependable, safe, secure, and most importantly, fast. Ntegrated’s internet access solutions can guarantee you all those things, and more.

- High-speed, high-quality, high capacity internet access all across North America
- Flexible access through fiber, wireless or Ethernet capabilities
- Superior customer service 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
- Affordable, competitive pricing guaranteed

Commitment to Quality and Service

We know how important having trusted, secure, high speed internet access is to you and your business. No matter what integrated business solution you choose for your business, you can rest assured that any information sent, received, uploaded and downloaded will be monitored and kept safe by our network 24/7. If you decided you need more data usage or even faster speed, don’t worry–we have an easy way to add any kind of service to your package, with guaranteed competitive prices. Our internet packages give you the ultimate flexibility to choose the type of internet access you and your business need to ensure everything at your office or offices runs as smoothly as possible.

Keep your businesses running efficiently with high-speed, safe, and affordable internet access. Contact Ntegrated today to find the perfect integrated communication solution just for you.