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IP Phones

Ntegrated’s State-Of-The-Art Technology

IP Phones use the latest network technology allowing you to make all your calls in an easy, worry-free manner. 

Whether your business requires you to be on the phone all day, or just speak to your customers and employees a few times a day, dropped calls and poor signals can be extremely frustrating. IP phones utilize different technology than your regular analog phones; they make calls over the IP network rather than your normal telephone network. This helps create a clearer and more ideal phone call environment, to ensure there is no miscommunication with your employees or your clients.


We have many different IP phones that have unique features designed for specific functions. At Ntegrated, we’ll work with you to see which IP phones would be ideal for your business and make it more productive. These features may include, but are not limited to:

- Call waiting/forwarding/transfers. Juggling multiple clients and phone calls can get confusing and frustrating. With our easy to work keypad, you’ll be able to organize your phone calls on the IP phones to make your life a little bit easier.
- Conference calling. No matter how many people you want on the phone call at one time, rest assured you’ll be able to hear everyone on our IP phones, and they’ll be able to hear you.
- Clear and crisp speaker phone. If you’re conference calling, sometimes it’s hard for everyone in the room to hear who’s on the phone. With Ntegrated IP phones using state-of-the-art technology, you’ll be able to properly hear exactly what they’re saying, and no one in the room will miss a word.
- High resolution color displays for easy viewing. You’ll be able to see exactly who you’re calling and who’s calling you.
- Built-in handset capabilities. You can hook up any headset for conversations on the go, even if your IP phone is in the other room!
- Video conferencing capabilities. Some of our latest models of IP phones include the option to video conference during important meetings, with built-in cameras.

Contact us for more details on our latest IP phones. No matter what you need, Ntegrated can help you come up with the perfect integrated communications solution for you and your business.