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Managed Router Service

To spare your resources and ensure your network equipment is running smoothly, outsource your router equipment to Ntegrated experts.

Ntegrated’s Network Equipment Management services help to better utilize costs, performance, efficiency, and availability of your WAN operations, without occupying your valuable IT resources. Rather than tying up your talented IT department with router problems, outsource the entire management of your network devices to the experts at Ntegrated. Relinquish the stressful router management responsibilities to the professionals, so your employees can focus on tasks to advance the business. Our services act as virtual IT staff allowing your WAN operations to function properly and giving you the peace of mind knowing your data equipment is without error.


Managed Router Service

The router equipment service consists of configuration and management duties, such as staging, installation, and maintenance. Our IT staff consistently monitors your router and troubleshoots if a problem is identified, without business being interrupted. With our services, you would have around the clock access to the networking experts for proactive router support. Through the Ntegrated Web portal access, we keep reports of personalized extensive network and router health information so you can continue to maintain some control and supervision of your WAN operations. The knowledgeable Ntegrated customer service experts consult with your specific business needs and create flexible service packages to meet your selected necessities.

Managed Router Service Benefits

- Improved network performance and availability
- Continuous monitoring and management of your equipment
- Detect and resolve network issues quickly to avoid costly lost time
- Maintenance of infrastructure
- One appointed contact for streamlined support
- Maximize availability of your employees not preoccupied with network problems
- Increases efficiency
- Improves operations dependent upon your network service
- Saves time and money by not having to coordinate with multiple support groups or tying up your personal IT department

The Ntegrated Solution

Our managed router service provides first-class customer service representatives who are dedicated 24/7 to ensure proper functioning of your network infrastructure. By completely outsourcing your network equipment, money is saved in IT costs. More importantly, your employees, along with technical support, are not losing valuable time in network outages, which would keep them from advancing your business. The IT experts at Ntegrated constantly monitor and maintain your router operations and also ensure the security of your network. The benefits to this premium router management service are unsurpassable and are essential for your business to reach its potential.

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