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Microsoft Lync

Connect with the people you work with by using the Microsoft Lync program offered by Ntegrated Solutions.

Microsoft Lync is a program designed similar to Windows Live Messenger, but aimed for more of a business use. This computer program virtually connects you and the people you work with, allowing you to instant message, share programs and documents, and work together in real time. It is an easy to use, simple, and modern communications platform. It improves overall business processes, while saving the company both time and money. If you’re looking for a program that improves productivity, increases mobility, and connects you with clients quicker, this is your program.


There are plenty of great and completely useful features to Microsoft Lync. The program allows instant messaging as well as audio, video, and web conferencing. Below are a few of the main features of this program:

- Organize contacts by status and group
- Activity feed and search options
- Location and status settings
- Translator
- VoIP and voicemail
- Easily create or join audio, video, and web conferences
- High-quality video streaming
- Virtual whiteboard
- Real-time multi-client collaboration: sharing of Office programs, desktop, and Windows applications
- Sharing documents, files, contacts, and calendars

Microsoft Lync can be downloaded for Windows computers and Macs. You can even download this program on your Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad and other devices. Stay connected and in the loop wherever you are! This program has partners throughout the world. Some Microsoft Lync partner solutions include:

- Audio, IP Phones, video:
- Communications applications:
- Infrastructure and networks
- SIP Trunks

Microsoft Lync is a modern communications platform that makes it both easier and quicker for company employees to connect with each other and their clients. Improve your businesses productivity along with saving valuable time and money by using this program.

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