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MPLS Private Networking

Business Requirement: MPLS Private Networking

MPLS Private Networking is a communicative innovation allowing your company to create a private network anywhere in the world without compromising security.

In a fast-paced business environment constantly bombarded with innovations and technological advances, Ntegrated Solutions aims to provide you with answers to make your life and business simpler. By connecting and monitoring the communications of various branches of your business and your clients with MPLS Private Networking, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your bandwidth is not being wasted and your information is secure with Ntegrated Solutions.


Simple, Speedy, Secure

In short, MPLS (Multiple Protocol Label Switching) Private Networking is a communicative innovation which allows businesses assurance that the transfer of data is going to the right place in a secure fashion from any location at any time. MPLS Private Networking is a newer and more efficient development on data traffic engineering allowing you to extend your network anywhere in the world with security and privacy. MPLS employs a system by which it assigns different groups of information with different levels of priority and facilitates the exchange based on the priorities assigned. Meaning, in a time of heavy use of bandwidth, a friendly email between coworkers would not be sent before a conference call with an international client. Instead, the email could be put on hold automatically and reserved until enough bandwidth had been acquired to deliver the message. MPLS Private Networking also assures that messages and information is encrypted, ensuring that your company information does not fall into the wrong hands. By placing your communications on one network you can reduce the number of gateways needed to keep things running, and fewer gateways means even more security.

Communications Tailored to Your Business

Ntegrated Solution’s MPLS Private Networking platform is optimized for IP and VoIP use with flexibility and scalability in mind. This means whether your company increases or decreases in size you can adjust your network entry points quickly and easily. With Ntegrated Solution’s dedicated IT staff monitoring the state of information exchange, you can rest assured that if things go wrong we can help solve the problem. In addition to technical support, Ntegrated’s MPLS Private Networking provides means for disaster recovery in the event information of any kind is lost.

With the globalization of operations quickly becoming standard among successful businesses, it is now more important than ever to secure your internal and external lines of communication. Let Ntegrated Solutions keep your communicative technology up-to-date by employing MPLS Private Networking. To extend the reach of your business as far as your ambitions, contact Ntegrated Solutions today.