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MPLS Private Networking

Ntegrated Solutions gives clients MPLS Private Networking services, assuring high-speed internal and external data exchange.

As computing technology grows more and more advanced, so too must the transfer of data between computers and networks. Ntegrated Solutions is committed to providing businesses with high-speed data transfer services by employing efficient MPLS Private Networking Services.

Faster, More Secure Data Exchange

Ntegrated Solutions wants to place your business at the cutting edge of technology. MPLS Private Networking is, in short, a newer, better way to transfer data between sources, whether they are inside or outside of your network. MPLS stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching, which is an innovation from previous data transfer methods. Using the security of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and the flexibility of Internet Protocol (IP), MPLS Private Networking enables all of your business’s data to be transferred in one simple, unified fashion. Think of all the VoIP, e-commerce, intranet and extranet data produced by your business as a complex highway system; the goal is to get the data from one point to another, as quickly as possible. When lots of information is being transferred at once, you may encounter traffic. MPLS was designed to optimize transfer speeds in a simple and efficient manner by encoding relevant information into the IP so routers can process it better. MPLS Private Networking analyzes the “data highway,” assigns your information as a priority based on the size of the data packet, and sends it down the road, which will allow it to reach its destination quickly.

What MPLS Does for You

Listed below are some of the service features of MPLS:

- Any-to-Any connectivity for maximum performance
- Both public and private IP addressing supported
- Accommodates numerous routing protocols
- Scalable solution for diverse and growing WANs
- Flexible and granular bandwidth allocation per port and Class of Service
- Multiple access technologies with service interworking to maximize reach and flexibility
- Ntegrated managed WAN routing for simplicity

More and more businesses are sending voice and video information over the internet, causing increases in cost and shortages of bandwidth. By using MPLS Private Networking, Ntegrated Solutions is giving networks more continuity, reliability, and is reducing operating costs of businesses around the world. If you transfer large files, like voice or video, over any network, MPLS is the only way to do it simply, quickly, and cost effectively.

Why pay a premium for an increase in bandwidth if your business still has to wait in line behind your competitors? Ntegrated Solutions knows that no matter what your particular field or industry, it is crucial to keep up with major technological innovations. To put your business at the forefront of data exchange, call or click for your quote today.