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Referral Partners

Become a Referral Partner today, and use our quality product line to significantly increase your revenue!

As a business, you are always looking for opportunities to expand your business. What better way to do this, than to partner with a trusted networking communications solutions company and expand your product line? Ntegrated offers a Referral Partner Program for industry experts with the interest and drive to sell an entirely new product line and generate a powerful revenue stream. We chose only the best of the best to sell our top of the line products, because quality products deserve a quality company.


When you decide to become a Referral Partner, you are gaining more than an extended line of products to offer your customers. As a Referral Partner, the entire Ntegrated team is here to support your company through its growth and success.

Ntegrated’s sales management team is at your fingertips. As a Referral Partner, our local sales management team will create a close working relationship with you and your company. We’re here to help from the start to the end. We begin with an extensive training program to ensure you are acquainted with our company and our networking communications products. After training, while you do assume the full sales responsibility, your company identifies leads, close sales, etc., our sales management team is here for any questions you may have or assistance you may need throughout the process. During your time as a Referral Partner, you will have the support of Ntegrated’s entire team, because you and your customers are important to us.

Drastically increase your revenue with Ntegrated’s product line.  As a management member of your company, your goal is expand your business, and make a significant amount of money by doing it. By becoming a Referral Partner, Ntegrated’s quality products will do just that for you. When you are selling our top of the line, competitively priced, networking communication solutions, it makes selling easier. Our aggressive commission earning program is designed for your company to make as much of a profit as quickly as possible. You receive payments from us not only at installation, but also timed payments during the contract. We have also created annual bonuses for exceptional business practices of companies that go above and beyond our pre-established target for sales. You can be sure your company will be significantly increasing its revenue by becoming a Referral Partner with Ntegrated.

Call Ntegrated today and ask about our Referral Partner Program. Increase your revenue drastically with our nationally recognized brand of networking communications solutions.