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SIP Trunks

By unifying your mediums of communication, SIP Trunks allow simple, cost efficient communications for businesses.

For a business, communication is a vital element of success and growth. Many businesses would suffer greatly from a single day without the use of technology to communicate between networks. Ntegrated Solutions helps you make the most out of your communication needs. With our advanced SIP Trunks VoIP services, we make it cheaper and easier than ever for branches of your business to communicate with each other.

SIP Trunks Explained

Many businesses still struggle to manage two separate lines for their phone and internet. Two separate lines means two separate bills from two different service providers. Ntegrated Solutions uses SIP Trunks to unify the mode of communication between networks of a given business using state of the art VoIP services. By reducing the number of connections between departments or branches, you can cut costs and speed up data transfer rates. In addition, Ntegrated personally manages data exchange to assure the quality of calls and IP transfers.

SIP Trunk Features

SIP Trunks allows businesses to take the communication and customer relationships to the next level. There are many features of SIP Trunks, some of which include:

- Direct Inward Dial (DID) - Permits the use of local telephone numbers to contact businesses outside of the local area code. In other words, a company can use a direct inward dial with a local phone number in Texas. However, this telephone number is not geographically restrictive. It helps the business create a virtual presence near our clients, wherever they may be.
- Domestic Toll-Free Inbound Service - This simply allows customers in the United States to dial a toll-free number to get in touch with a business via the Ntegrated VoIP network.
- International Toll-Free Service - This allows for a customer anywhere around the world, outside of the United States, to dial a toll-free number to get in contact with the Ntegrated customer via the Ntegrated VoIP network, assuring that your business can stay afloat regardless of your location.
- Unified Interface - By combining phone, email, SMS, fax, and file exchange into a single interface, our clients don’t have to feel overwhelmed by a surplus of communication mediums, making it easier to do business.
- Presence Management- Gives you the ability to locate the person you want to communicate with and determines the best way to contact them.
- Flexibility and Ease of Adaptation- SIP Trunks are a critical innovation, but like all things are bound to become outdated or outdone with time. That’s why SIP Trunks are designed to be easily adaptable as industries and mediums of communication evolve.

As the technological world changes it becomes increasingly important for your business to continuously adapt with its surroundings. Call or click on Ntegrated Solutions today for information and a quote.