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Business Requirement: SIP

SIP Trunking is the latest in communicative technology, allowing your business safety and security in all forms of communication, wherever you may be.

Whether your business is a fledging startup or an established multinational corporation, you can benefit from the efficiencies of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). SIP is a system which unifies business communications. Most businesses require telephone and internet services to keep operations running, yet they pay two different providers for their telephone and internet. SIP Trunking aims to combine your telephone and internet into one single line of data transfer. In doing so, the exchange of information becomes cheaper, simpler, and more secure.



SIP: Explained

There are many benefits to SIP Trunking- from a management perspective, it allows for easy monitoring of all communications. That way when problems arise, whether they are internal or external, Ntegrated can work with your business to implement a solution. If your company is data-heavy, SIP Trunking helps to facilitate the optimization of bandwidth by employing voice compression and dynamic bandwidth allocation. In addition, Ntegrated Solutions offers consultation with the intention of constructing a data package tailored specifically to your business, and if your company grows or shrinks with time, so can your data plan.

If your business is spread around the world, you are probably used to spending a fortune on long-distance calls. Unlike using typical phone services, SIP allows for calls to be placed from anywhere, to anywhere around the world for the low price of a local call. Employees can log in and place calls from any IP phone and instantly connect to your businesses communications network. For multinational corporations, this might mean a drastic reduction in operations costs. For companies with more than one location this means a company-wide unification of communications.

Safe, Speedy, Secure

If security is your concern then worry no longer. Ntegrated employs the latest in protective firewall services, guaranteeing your business’s information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. In addition, by unifying your lines of communication, security is much simpler to maintain. Imagine being able to call, fax, send messages, email, and exchange files from a single interface designed with ease-of-use in mind. With Ntegrated Solution’s SIP Trunking services, your work can go with you wherever you are, so you never miss a beat. With technology advancing every day, Ntegrated wants to help keep your communications simple, so you can focus on what is important and get back to business.