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Traditional Voice/PRI

Let Ntegrated Streamline Your Business 

Ntegrated Solutions will use traditional voice/PRI services to bundle your communications system into a more secure, reliable, and higher-quality service.

Communication services are a key to the success of any business. A traditional voice/PRI system is the ideal solution to a growing or large business. The traditional voice/PRI services bring network reliability as traffic and activity is managed by Ntegrated experts. The service connects to preexisting PBX devices sparing additional costs and provides your business simultaneous voice, data, and video communications. The completely digital technology greatly improves the communication quality and speed of sharing data. Ntegrated Solutions can create a PRI system customized to meet the specific requirements of your business.

The technological experts at Ntegrated Solutions are available at any hour to repair possible problems with your communication system. The traditional voice/PRI services conveniently provide one single point of contact for questions, concerns, or to increase coverage. The services are the most-cost effective way to streamline your communications systems and increase capabilities and quality. Traditional voice/PRI systems greatly increase efficiency from analog lines making PRI the best way to maximize the amount of calls and data shared while saving you time and money.


- Supports a wide variety of voice, video, and data applications
- Supports real-time, dynamic allocation of bandwidth
- Provides simultaneous voice and data capabilities on a single facility
- Ability to prioritize call demand for each type of traffic
- Wide range of features at one standard cost
- Much better clarity than analog trunk lines
- More reliable
- Direct inward dialing
- Direct outward dialing
- Easier trouble shooting
- Takes less time to establish calls
- Significant savings by switching from single-purpose trunks
- Increase available and flexibility of local area network


- Call-by-call service
- 24/7 network management and monitoring
- Clear, reliable, high speed communication
- Single point of contact for customer support
- Highly competitive pricing on PRI
- Nationwide coverage
- Combine voice and data communications
- Flexibility to add capacity as needed
- Detailed call records

Streamline the communication system of your growing business with a traditional voice or PRI system. Contact Ntegrated Solutions today for competitive pricing and first-class customer service.