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Unified Communications

By combining all mediums of communication, Ntegrated Solutions’ Unified Communications is a way for your business to cut costs and increase performance.

Ntegrated Solutions knows every client has a preferred means of communication. In an age of fast-paced business operations and faster technological innovation, it is hard to find ways to make things simpler. With this in mind, Ntegrated Solutions employs the latest in communicative technologies, which combines all lines of data exchange- phone, message, email, fax, internet, and more- into a single, easy to use, accessible interface. For many businesses this means simplicity and reliability, but can also cut operation costs and increase security.

Unified Communications for a Unified Company

By unifying the communications of your business you can extend the walls of your office worldwide, guaranteeing you know what’s going on no matter where you are. Ntegrated Solution’s communications network allows users to sign in from any IP phone or computer around the world and access the same information and contacts they would have in the office. In addition, if you reduce your communications down to one line of data, then you only pay for one data plan. Say goodbye to receiving internet and phone bills from every office, and say hello to unified communications and ease-of-use.

Stay on the Cutting Edge

Ntegrated employs VoIP (Voice over IP) Telephony, which compresses information sent between telephones and transfers it over the same data channel as your internet. These channels are monitored extensively to ensure security, quality, and optimized transfer of information. Our service package also includes email hosting, secure instant messaging, faxing, and conferencing via voice, video, and web. In addition, there is no capital investment or complex installation needed to begin unifying your communications; all you need is an internet connection. Other benefits of Unified Communications include:

- Cost-effectiveness

- Increased security with anti-virus and spam-blocking capabilities

- As much bandwidth as your business needs

- Reliability and dedicated technical support

- Daily backups of company data, stored offsite for security

- Simplicity of application and ease-of-use

Ntegrated Solution’s Unified Communications are an easy way to increase performance or decrease operation costs. By employing SIP Trunking, our system can guarantee flexibility and the optimal allocation of data between the many forms of communication it takes to run your business. If you have clients or employees who travel or if you have multiple offices around the globe then let Ntegrated simplify the way you do business today with Unified Communications.