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Virtualized Network Security

Ntegrated Virtualized Network Security fortifies your network systems, and helps maintain powerful protection across your entire network. Retaining network integrity from within, and shielding your network from unauthorized external attacks, is our highest priority at Ntegrated. Our goal is to enable your employees, your clients, and your industry partners to search for and access the information they need, while safe guarding sensitive information and encrypted data, and making sure vulnerable information isn’t at risk of a security breach, either internally, or externally.

With Ntegrated’s Managed Firewall Services, Web Filtering, and Email Filtering, you have a powerful, security-enhanced solution for managing digital identities and access privileges. With our services, not only can interactions be tailored to guarantee specific access to various users, but our services also guarantee you can communicate securely with remote users, or even satellite company offices. Ntegrated ensures outstanding protection by maintaining your operating system, policy configuration, and network design with constant vigilance.

In addition to our Managed Firewall Services, we offer a suite of optional features that can be customized to provide a fully integrated mode of virtual defense for your business. This fully integrated approach is adaptable, customizable, and never generic. Designed to enhance your company’s security, it includes URL filtering, Internet Security Protocol, event correlation and more. Our Managed Firewall Services offer industry-leading SLAs and provides benefits such as:

- We provide proactive network monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

- We also offer tier-one engineer technical support for any issues

- We conduct ongoing tuning of firewall configuration and rules

- We guarantee maximum availability and reliability

We ensure that we do our job, so you can do yours with peace of mind. Whether you are using a privatized IP address, or one of our collaborative features, you can rest assured that your communications, and encrypted data, are secured.

Our features are designed with the intention to simplify management of user communities across your entire enterprise, improve operational efficiency, and increase productivity. Communication crystallizes and becomes cost-efficient. Productivity rises due to increased flexibility. Collaboration flourishes due to secure network connections. Logistical and operational problems evaporate due to the streamlined nature of services; exactly the kind of benefits that prove effective and easy. Exactly what you’d expect from a Virtela product, and with the added bonus of client and product support that will change the way you do business on a day-to-day basis, guaranteed.