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Virtualized VPN

Owning your own business has rapidly evolved over the years. With the rise of home office use, work-from home hours, and contract positions, it is extremely important to secure your network inside the office, and outside the confines of the corporate environment. Ntegrated’s customizable network suites, featuring Virtual Private Networks, give you that extra competitive edge, and the ability to handle whatever issues your small business may face, no matter what time of day it is, or where you are working from at the moment.

The variety and customizable features of our packages are designed to meet all your most pressing business communication, operations and infrastructure needs. Ntegrated offers standard packages and also features customized solutions for all business, be they small, medium, or large.

So what exactly does a VPN do for you? Well, the simplest explanation is that it allows you to encrypt traffic between your computer and the web servers you browse on so that third parties, who may be monitoring your activity, cannot see any of that information. HTTPS will only encrypt traffic between your web browser and a specific website, while a VPN will encrypt all traffic between your computer and the Interweb.

Here are a few benefits of using a VPN:

- It enables you to expand geographic connectivity and connections.
- It will improve security, no matter where you log in.
- It helps reduce operational costs versus traditional methods of communication.
- It will increase efficiency for remote users.
- It will provide global networking opportunities.
- It will establish a base for telecommuter support.

Virtual Private Networks are specially constructed to ensure high productivity outside the office and safeguard security at all times. Ntegrated’s specialized VPNs are engineered to help solve logistical and security issues that may arise due to remote office use. Ntegrated provides a full suite of connectivity and infrastructure services to support new high-bandwidth applications. In addition, our customer care and technical support is unmatched in the industry.

Productivity and security are bound to increase exponentially with the use of Ntegrated’s VPN technology. Not only can you securely connect to home offices, remote locations, and partners, you can ensure that all sensitive information remains secure in-house. Collaborations become seamless, networks expand instantaneously and information can be shared securely without any fear of breaching confidentiality. VPNs have become the primary, affordable solution for rapidly expanding businesses of all sizes. Our customizable suites are changing the game, one connection at a time.