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VOIP Migration

VoIP Migration lets you connect your phones over our reliable network instead of land lines. Contact Ntegrated today for our competitive rates!

With smart phones, tablets and technology these days, it is embarrassing if your land line phone happens to disconnect. That’s where Ntegrated comes in! We offer VoIP Migration for our clients, with an impeccable and reliable connection. What is VoIP Migration? We’re glad you asked! VoIP Migration stands for Voice over IP Migration. Basically, instead of speaking on the phone over a telephone connection, you are speaking over an internet network. This way, you don’t experience dropped calls and poor land line connections. Here at Ntegrated, we want to make sure you are as productive as possible, in the most cost effective way, so utilize our VoIP Migration and let us help.



Productivity, Made Easy. In a world like today, you do not have time to deal with dropped calls or trying to decipher what the other person is saying on the phone. By connecting over Ntegrated’s flawless network, you can prevent all of those mishaps. Say goodbye to poor telephone connections, and hello to clear and crisp conversations no matter where you are calling. Working is difficult enough without interruptions and distractions, but with Ntegrated’s VoIP Migration, we’ll get rid of those distractions so you and your staff can focus on the more important things.

Excel in Customer Service. When calls drop or you can’t clearly understand what the other line is saying, it is frustrating to you and your client. VoIP Migration can assist you by ensuring excellent connections which will lead to excellent customer service. You don’t have to ask anyone to repeat, and eliminating misunderstandings will make your job so much easier. Your customer interactions will be much more efficient, and Ntegrated can also help with interactive solutions to improve your experience and your client’s experience with your company. Ntegrated’s goal is to help you succeed, and VoIP Migration will do just that.

Cost Effective and Affordable. Today’s economy sometimes makes it tough to do the best thing for your company, if the cost is too high. VoIP Migration is priced at a low and affordable rate because we know it’s important to your productivity and success. Our competitive rates not only beat current market prices, we offer special services and packages to existing clients or clients who sign up for other products as well.

Don’t be left behind, and get VoIP Migration at your company today! Contact Ntegrated, and let us help you and your company succeed.