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Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing makes meetings easy, wherever you are.

What is Web Conferencing?

Web conferencing allows multiple people to communicate and share ideas through the internet. This allows business meetings and other forms of information sharing to occur between people in any part of the world, at any time. The chairperson, or leader of the web conference, can control what each participant sees, as well as mute, record, or privately communicate with any member, at any time. The chairperson can talk through a microphone, allowing each participant to listen, while giving presentations through Microsoft PowerPoint or any other program. He or she can also show their desktop exactly as they see it if they wish. Participants can click a button to “raise their hand” to let the chairperson know they have a question. At any time, they can also use text to communicate with the chairperson. This allows members to have contact with the chairperson, rather than just a one way conversation.



Web conferencing provides businesses and users a great alternative to conference calls and other difficult means of mass communication. It creates the precedent for communicating with clients across the globe all at once. Some features of web conferencing include:

- Complete control for the coordinator: An easy to use control panel allows for the chairperson of the conference to make use of audio features, such as mute and record, as well as use many participant controls to manage exactly what is viewed and heard by the participants.
- Communication: The raise hand feature allows the chairperson to see when someone has a question and participants can send questions or comments through text, as well as voice when enabled.
- Recording: The chairperson can record the entire conversation, as well as play it back later with synchronized audio and visual elements.
- Outlook and Microsoft Office integration: Allows easy visual document sharing, as well as presentation and slide shows.

Web conferencing is the next advancement in the realm of conference and video calls. With seemingly unlimited features and possibilities, web conferencing has replaced all other resources as the best way to communicate with people throughout the world or even just around the office.